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EdRiGo is an upcoming show by ProjectPeppa. It is currently the only show besides Peppa and the Apple Juice announced on the channel. The name is an acronym for Edmond, Richard and George. This Show is for everyone


Edmond Elephant, Richard Rabbit and George Pig are the main characters. All the toddlers can speak in this, symbolizing that they can indeed understand eachother, despite lacking the ability to talk normally.

Name Info First Appearance Personality Age
Edmond Elephant He is the smartest out of all the toddlers, and he is an inventor. Each episode contains at least one of his inventions or discoveries. Hulked Out The Inventor 3
Richard Rabbit He is pretty normal, or at least tries to be normal. He dosen't want to stand out from the others, He does, however, hide a secret that only his best friends know about... Hulked Out The normal guy 2
George Pig George has a lot of friends, but he starts to cry very easily, which means he gets bullied the most. Hulked Out The DinoLover 2
Bentley and Barney Badger These badger twins were bullies once, but became Friends with Richard, George and Edmond in the first episode, and became pranksters instead  Hulked Out The Pranksters 4 each


Trivia Edit

  • The series' name sounds like a shipping of Edmond Elephant, Richard Rabbit and George Pig.